When Should You Stop Going To The Club?

Last night I started off my night going to a pub.  It’s a pub I go to often.  It’s small and usually has live music.  Some weekends it’s packed other weekends it’s a ghost town.  Last night it was a ghost town.  Some 90’s cover band was playing.

I scanned the bar for any good looking women.  Not much doing.

I try to get into social mood by dancing a little.  I finally see a decent looking blonde sitting at the bar and approach her.

We start chatting and the conversation is going good.  I can tell she is interested.  She even made sure to mention that she was with a guy tonight but he wasn’t her boyfriend.  They are “just friends.”

Of course, her male friend comes over and proceeds to cockblock me and I can tell things were getting a little awkward for her.  I let it go.  The crowd was dying down anyways.  I wanted to continue my night so I left to go to another bar.

I ducked into a bar that you could say is club like – loud shitty music, a lit up dance floor, and half dressed women.

After a few minutes of standing around watching the end of a hockey game and sipping on a glass of water I had to ask myself “why the hell are you even here?”

When you reach a certain age the club is almost unbearable.  I think the cut off point is 27 and that might even be a stretch.

Let’s face it, if your a guy the only thing the club has to offer is half  dressed women and the off chance you may stumble into a one night stand with one of them.  Other than that, the club has nothing to offer you.  Nothing.

  I use to enjoy going to the club or at least tolerate it.  I spent an unjustifiable amount of my twenties in the club drinking way too much and chasing girls.  Going to club has it’s time and place, but stepping into a club after the age of 25 will do nothing for you but destroy your soul.