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Why You Should Ditch Jogging For Sprinting

I love the feeling you get after a long jog, especially if it’s a nice day out.

But is jogging/long distance running really the best way to get a workout?

A few months ago I ditched jogging/long distance running for short sprint sessions.  I did this for two reasons: 1. I read an article by Mark Sission about the benefits of sprinting.  2. Winter hit, and my workouts had to be done indoors.

Other than playing a few pick up games of basketball I’ve stayed away from any heavy cardio training.  I changed my workouts to where I do compound lifts three days a week and sprints sessions 2-3 days a week.

My sprints sessions have been on the treadmill, which I know isn’t ideal, but I had no other options due to the weather.  I usually warm up for a few minutes with some stretching and a light jog.  After that I begin sprinting.  I do a full sprint on the treadmill (11 speed) for about 30 seconds and then wind down.  I cool down at walking speed for 2 minutes and then begin sprinting again.  I do about 4-6 30 second sprints each workout.  My workouts never takes me more than 20 minutes.  My sprint sessions are short and sweet.  I don’t feel exhausted after doing them, but do I feel like I got a workout in.

Should you ditch jogging/long distance running and sprint instead?

You may want to after reading these two articles by Mark Sission:  15 Reasons to Spring More This Year & The Evidence Continues To Mount Against Chronic Cardio.