30 Days Of Blogging

With this post I will have completed my 30 day Challenge, which means I have posted for 30 consecutive days.  Well, kind of.

I skipped two days because of family reasons, but even during those two days I was still writing.  I just didn’t have the ability to post them.  So I’ll take it as a win.

The reason I originally set this goal was to form a habit of writing.  I can honestly say that it’s worked.

In the last two weeks, writing has become like going to the gym.  I almost feel like I need to do it, and if I don’t I feel guilty.

Will I continue to post everyday?

Probably not.  I will continue to blog, but I will focus on writing longer and more in depth posts rather than just rattling a post off just for the hell of it.

Now that I have been writing consistently I’m starting to discover what I like writing about and what people find interesting.  I’m also realizing that what I like to write about and what people have read/liked are not always the same thing.  With upcoming posts I  will try to strike a balance between writing what I’m passionate about but also what will be engaging to you the readers.

The only way I can tell about what my readers enjoy is through views/likes stats, but I’m not sure these always paint an accurate picture.

So I will ask of you, what posts have you enjoyed the most, and what posts have you disliked the most?