The Psychology Of A Hater

Have you ever hated on someone?

Has anyone ever hated on you?

I bet you can answer yes to both of these questions.

Don’t lie.  Everyone has been a hater from time to time, and everyone has been a victim of a hater.  Such is life.

I bet you have hated on people for no good reason.  I bet there are celebrities, athletes, and people in your social circle that you secretly or not so secretly despise.

Why do you feel this hate?  Why as a society do we love to tear apart anyone with a trace of success?

When we see someone successful, someone killing it in life, someone living up to their potential, it’s a subtle reminder to ourselves of how we’re not living up to ours.

When you get down to it, a hater is someone who hasn’t realized their own potential.  They can’t handle the negative emotions they feel when they’re in the presence of success and because of this they lash out.  They attempt to bring anyone above them down to their level.  It’s the old crabs in a bucket scenario.

The next time you feel that burning fire of negative emotions when you see someone killing it don’t give into hate.  Instead become curious.  Let it fuel you.

Never be jealous, always be inspired.


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