Why Aren’t You Doing Yoga?

I went to my second yoga class today.  As I type this my mind and body are still buzzing and the class ended two hours ago.  I think I will make a habit of this.  I will try to go at least once a week.

I can now understand all the hype around yoga.  I can see why people become addicted to it.  An hour of intense yoga gives you the same high as a joint without the brain fog.  My muscles feel worked but they don’t feel sore.  I’m in a relaxed state yet full of energy.

Yesterday I talked up mediation.  Today it’s yoga.  But yoga is really just a more involved form of meditation, and has many of the same positive effects and then some.

Here are 38 reasons why you should try yoga. 

Are you curious about yoga?

Find a class around your area.  Unless you live in the middle of nowhere chances are there will be few places to choose from.  Most places offer beginner classes.  It’s the type of classes I’ve been going to the last two weeks.

Do you feel awkward going because you don’t know anything about yoga?

Don’t be.  I didn’t know anything about yoga going into it.  I’m not very flexible either.  Most of the poses won’t be very difficult to do.  If you can’t do a post then don’t.  Go at your own pace.


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