Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Five years ago, my mom slipped and fell on some ice and injured her lower back.  She had some pain, but didn’t pay much attention to it.  She thought it was just a bone bruise and would eventually heal, but the pain only got worse.  Two years later, the pain in her lower back was so bad that she could hardly get through the day.

I didn’t know about her struggle because I was living on the other side of the World and she never brought it up in any of our Skype sessions.  It was only after coming home from New Zealand two and a half years after the accident that I could see the type of pain she was in.  Not only was she in excruciating physical pain but mental/emotional pain as well.

The next couple of years she went through misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis.  She even had major back surgery, but it didn’t give her any relief.  I had never seen her so hopeless in my entire life.   

She began looking into alternative treatments like acupuncture and reiki.  She got into holistic medicine and began seeing a naturopath.

When she first told me about the these alternative types of treatment I was more than skeptical.  I thought the holistic medicine scene was a bunch of “woo woo” nonsense.  A field filled with spiritual snakesoil salesmen like Deepak Chopra.  Of course, I never told her this.  For the first time she seemed to have hope so I bit my tongue and went along with it.

Although the holistic approach didn’t do much to alleviate her physical pain I noticed that her mental and emotional state had undergone a complete 180.  She seemed genuinely happy.  Most days were still a struggle physically but she now had hope for a better tomorrow.

Sometimes hope for a better tomorrow is all you need.  When one gives up that hope they become overwhelmed by the monotonous slog that life can feel like at times.

You may not be suffering chronic pain (I hope not) but chances are you are suffering some type of pain (mental/emotional) that you wish to get rid of.  There is some area in your life you wish to improve upon because you believe it will raise the quality of your life.    

Some may say that you can only find true happiness in the “now”, to look toward’s the future is a fool’s game.  This may be true, but like every truth, it’s only a half truth.

When times are tough it’s alright to look to the future.  The hope for a better tomorrow will keep you fighting. pexels-photo-248548


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