Are You Always Angry?

Have you ever had a drive by insult?

Today some guy on a motorcycle yelled something along the lines of “pickup your mess, asshole” as my dog shat upon the ground.  Of course I picked it up.  I didn’t need the reminder.

His words made my blood boil.  I wanted to run him down, pull him off his bike, and pummel his face until my fist was red with his blood.

I know this is foolish, even as I play it back in my head I realize how stupid I am for letting it bother me, but it doesn’t change the anger I felt at that moment.  I hate to admit it, but I let it bug me for another 20 minutes or so, fantasizing about confronting the random stranger who is determined to save the world from dog shit.

You may have not experienced a drive by insult today, but I bet someone said something to you that rubbed you the wrong way.  Chances are you had the same fantasies about confronting them/pummeling them in the face.  Don’t worry you can admit it, no judgement here.  Whose knows, you may have caused someone else the same anger.

Unless your a buddhist monk living in cave in Nepal your going to come in contact with a variety of people everyday.  Some of these people you will like, some of these people you will hardly notice, and some of these people will piss you off to no end.

How do you deal with the people that piss you off?

The hotheads will confront that person, leading to shouting matches or physical confrontations.  This rarely ends well.

Some people calm there nerves with alcohol, cigarettes, and food.  Once again this rarely ends well.

The people pleasers push there anger down and put a big smile on their face pretending everything is okay.  This is temporary fix, but has many negative effects down the road.  The years of suppressed anger turn into physical ailments or they end snapping one day and going postal.

The best options to deal with anger is to harness it.  Use it as a gift.

Some of the greatest athletes, inventors, artists the world has ever known have all used their anger to fuel them.

If you just read the last sentence and thought that’s great and all, but I don’t have a special talent to harness my anger?

The good news is you don’t have to.  Want to harness your anger?

Join a gym and workout.  Don’t have the money to join a gym.  Not an excuse.  Go for run or a hike in the woods.  Hell, do some push ups if you have to.  Any sort of physical exercise will alleviate your underlying anger.

One of the best ways to do this is to journal.  Get a notebook and a pen and sit down in  a quiet area.  Write down your thoughts.  Write about how much you hate your boss.  Write anything.   You don’t have to show the journal to anyone.  You can even destroy the page after your done writing.  The point is to get your thoughts down on paper so you can process them.

There are a number of other ways but those are the two that help me the most.

Now go sort out your mess, asshole.


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