Why People From The East Coast Are Assholes

It was another nice day.  I’ve been outside all day.  I’m trying to make up for lost time after a brutal winter.  Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, and hopefully it’s the last I see of snow in a while.

It’s funny how much you appreciate a nice day when you have been deprived of it for so long.  Everyone was outside today.  Everyone seemed happy.  Only a week ago there was snow on the ground.

I’m a long time New Englander so I’m no stranger to harsh winters.  I’ve also lived in Australia/New Zealand for over two years and lived out on the west coast for a year.  Other than the weather, one of the biggest differences I notice between the east coast vs. the west coast/ down under was how much nicer the people are.

You can’t see it until you move away from it.  My first few weeks living in Australia I noticed that people moved at a slower pace.  They were more relaxed.  They stopped to talk and were genuinely friendly.  Ditto with New Zealand and the west cost.  Of course, this is a huge generalization.  There are assholes everywhere you go, but these areas seemed to have far less than the east coast.

People from the east coast pride them in being assholes.  People from my home state of Massachusetts refer to themselves as “massholes” like it’s a badge of honor.  People on the east coast just have this harsh edge to them.

I believe that the reason for this harsh edge is a result of our brutal winters.  For half the year east coasters have to deal with cold temperatures and quite possibly a few snow storms.  Sometimes the storms are so bad that you’re unable to leave your home for days.  Every morning you wake up pissed off.  Your annoyed you have to wake up this early, and on top of that you know your going to have to sit shivering in your ice box of car until it heats up.  It’s cold and dark when you wake up and it’s cold and dark when you get back home.  These winter months grinds away at your soul.

This is the complete opposite to the other places I have lived.  In Australia and New Zealand it rarely gets to the point you even need a sweatshirt.  It rarely drops below 50 even in the winter months.  In California it’s 70 and sunny year round.  The weather in these areas causes no adversity, and as a result the people there are just happier.

I’ve also notice that people from other harsh weather countries are typically just as miserable as east coasters.  I’ve met many people from England, Ireland, and Russia.  They all have a harshness to them.

Maybe it’s just me.  What do you think?  Have you noticed a difference between warm weather people and cold weather people?


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