My Experience With Fasting

I’ve been eating like a beast on the days I work out.  I’m trying to put on muscle.  I usually try to eat 3,000 to 3,500 calories a day.

Yesterday was a workout day, thus, I went hard with the calories.

On days off I like to switch it up with some intermittent fasting.  I usually won’t eat until 1:30-2 p.m and then won’t have anything after 7.

Today was an off day, so I decided to fast.  But instead of breaking my fast around 1 p.m. I decided not to eat until dinner time (6:30).  This meant that I went almost 24 hours without anything to eat.  Here’s what I noticed:

– Around 2ish I started to feel really hungry, but after fighting through hunger pains for about and hour my appetite went away completely.  I went for a run around 4 and even after that I didn’t feel hungry.  I actually had to force myself to eat when dinner time came around.

– Once I did start eating I attacked my plate like a savage.  I devoured an entire plate of green thai chicken curry in a few minutes, and as I type this, I still feel hungry.  Conclusion – prolonged fasting may cause binge eating.

– After 4 p.m. I felt incredibly relaxed.  My mind felt clear like it might after a mediation session or workout.  I can only conclude that my state of well being and mental clarity was a result of my body not having to use so much energy digesting food (total bro science, but probably true).

My experience fasting today makes me want to try pushing it for a few days.  I remember Tim Ferriss saying in one of his podcasts that he does a 10 day stretch of fasting every year.  This may be a little extreme for me.  Maybe I’ll go 2 days first, and see how that goes.   

If you have any experience fasting share it in the comments section…


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