Can You Still Make Money Self Publishing Erotica?

If you have stumbled upon this post your you’re probably intrigued by the idea of self publishing erotica.  Maybe you have already seen a few articles online where self publishing authors have claimed to make $100,000 a year.  All of sudden, writing smut doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.  You start to fantasize about the money you will make, and quitting your soul sucking day job to write full time.

But wait.  Before you walk into your boss’s office and tell him to go fuck himself let me rain on your parade just a little.

Can you still make money writing erotica?


Will you make six figures a year writing erotica?

Highly Unlikely.

I don’t doubt the authors who claim that they have made six figures self publishing erotica, but these results are extremely atypical.  A lot of these author also made this type of money during a time when Amazon was more lenient with self publishing erotic authors and by taken advantage of Amazon’s payment system. 

This doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made writing erotica.  Sex still, and will always sell.  I can say this with firsthand experience.

A little over a year ago I started writing erotica.  It all started after stumbling across a blog post I saw reviewing the book  The Six Figure Erotic Author.

I had just quit my job, and while money wasn’t tight, I thought it would be good to have a little coming in.  I did a little more research on self publishing erotica and came across claims of self publishing authors making big money.  I began to fantasize about the money I could make.  I jumped into the world of erotica despite having never read any erotica or having any writing skill whatsoever.  A few days later, I had published my first erotica short story, and much to my surprise it was selling.

A little over a year later, and I’ve self published over 100 books through Amazon and Nook.  I’m not making anywhere near six figures but I do make enough to live off of, barely.

So yes, you can still make money off erotica but it’s not the cash grab that some claim it to be.  If you want to make money writing erotica you have to put the time in.  You have to treat it like you would any other job.  There are no overnight successes.  It took me at least 11 months of publishing before I had my first four figure month.

Having said that, writing erotica has to be one of the easiest ways to make good money online.  You don’t even have to be a good writer.  The learning curve isn’t steep.  Anyone that can write at high school level can succeed writing erotica because the demand for it is so high.  Erotica is by far the biggest selling genre on Amazon, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

You may never be able to buy a seaside mansion with your erotica royalties, but at the very least you could turn it into a nice side hustle where your bringing an extra $500 every month.

I hope I didn’t crush your dreams.  If you’re still interested in trying your hand at erotica check out my two books Confessions of Erotic Author: How to Write Smut That Sells & Confessions of Erotica Author: How to Build a Smut Publishing Empire.

P.S. The first book teaches you the basics of self publishing erotica and the second book is more geared towards how to effectively market erotica.  I recommend you at least self publish 20 books before you read my second book since most of the information in it will be irrelevant to you until you get down the basics.


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