The Power Of Will & It’s Limitations

It’s Friday.  I’m not in the mood for writing.  The only reason I sat down to write is to stay consistent with my 30 Day Challenge.

It’s only day 4 of the challenge and I’m dragging myself to post.  That’ probably not a good sign.  I guess I can take comfort in the fact that this post will only reach 3 of you, and to all 3 of my readers, please forgive me for mailing this one in.  Resistance is hitting me like a muthafucker right now.

I realize that the only thing that motivated me to sit down and type was my will to make good on my self imposed challenge.  This makes me think about the power of will and it’s limitations.

Having will to do something can push you to great heights.  Someone with a strong will can push themselves to keep going even in the face of great adversity.

What happens when a goal is reached?

Let’s say a man is willing himself to build an internet business that makes him $1000 every month.  After a year and some hard work he reaches his goal.

But now that he has reached his goal his fire has died down.  He realizes that he has to work just as hard to maintain his monthly earnings and even twice as hard if he wants to make more.  He’s exhausted at the thought of having to exert that much will again.  He soon grows tired and the business dissolves.

Will can only take you so far until it becomes a burden.  You must cultivate a love for what you are doing.

When you go to gym learn to savor the feeling of your muscle burning after a tough workout.  Don’t obsess over maintaining a certain body fat percentage.

When you start your business think about how you can give your customers value.  Don’t obsess over becoming a millionaire.

When  you write a blog post just enjoy being able to communicate your thoughts to others.  Don’t bitch and complain that you don’t have the motivation to write on a Friday night.


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